Recording history in Australia – Part 1

When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, little did he realise it was the beginning of a worldwide industry. Edison recorded the words ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ into a metal trumpet (forefather of the microphone), which scratched a sound track on a revolving cylinder. The first recordings were cylinders, so each song had to be individually recorded. To make a copy, the singer repeated the song on a new cylinder. Artists recorded many cylinders of each song. There was a consolation – they were paid a royalty for each copy. Australian singer Peter Dawson made a tidy sum this way. Continue reading “Recording history in Australia – Part 1”

Les Matkovich named Baw Baw Shire Citizen of the Year 2017

Les contributes a wide range of practical skills to the upkeep of the station, and liaises with the landlords of the premises, and the transmission tower site. When a difficult or unpleasant job has to be done, such as removing the corpses of possums and rodents, or running cables through the ceiling space, it’s he who steps up to do the job. He has been an active participant in all refurbishing projects, and the project to make the studios compliant with sustainability standards. Continue reading “Les Matkovich named Baw Baw Shire Citizen of the Year 2017”