Welcome to 3BBR FM’s new website!

Chances are you’re a little confused right now. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place!

3BBR FM has launched its new website. This new site has been developed in-house to meet the requirements of the modern web. Our old website held up valiantly thanks to the efforts of its webmaster, but a platform change was required to allow the station to use some new features.

The biggest changes visitors will notice are:

  • a bright new design which adjusts its scaling depending on the device it’s viewed on. For example, if you are visiting using a mobile device, you will see a “hamburger menu” (three horizontal lines in a box) just below the 3BBR logo; tap that to show the website’s main menu. If you are viewing from a desktop computer or laptop however, you will see all the menu options written out in full in front of you.
  • a completely rethought homepage. Our new homepage showcases the vibrant programming and community at West Gippsland Community Radio with frequently updating content.
  • show blogs. 3BBR presenters are now able to submit program-related content for publication on the website, including podcasts, playlists, photos, and any other updates. These blogs also feature moderated comments sections where listeners can leave feedback. You will see the latest posts every time you visit the homepage.
  • additional show and presenter information. You can now find a list of all 3BBR FM shows in the “3BBR Shows” section. (Look for that menu I mentioned in point one!) Clicking on a show’s name will take you to a dedicated page which will let you know who hosts it and when you can listen in. Some pages (presently only Drive and Lachie&Will) also feature presenter photos, show descriptions, social media links, and a list of most recent blog posts.
  • search. This will come as a relief to those of you who might not be able to find what they’re looking for on the new site! If you look at the top right of this page (or below this post on mobile), you will see a search field. Simply enter what you want to find in the box and hit “Search” – you will be presented with a list of appropriate pages and posts.

There are plenty of behind-the-scenes changes too, and additional visitor-facing features will come soon. In the meantime, be sure to look around the new site to see what’s on at 3BBR FM. You might also like to listen in using the embedded stream player here, and you can join the station by visiting the “Membership” tab.

If you have any suggestions for additional features, please leave a comment below.

And finally, thank you to all those involved with maintaining the old website and helping this new one become a reality.

– William PJ Kulich // volunteer (and the one you can complain to about the new site!)