Volunteers, here’s what 3BBR’s new site means for you

3BBR’s new website is more than just a facelift. Our new online home gives our presenters and producers new ways to engage with their audiences.

I covered the user-facing changes in my welcome post and won’t be covering the same details here, so clicking here to read the previous post is recommended. This post will look at the new ways you can use the website, especially blog posts and show pages.

Blog posts

The most fundamental change to the site’s content is the introduction of show and station blogs. Arguably the most exciting new feature for show presenters, blog posts give us the chance to engage with audiences in ways not possible before.

What constitutes a blog post? It’s actually pretty flexible. Here are some examples with relevant links in bold:

Of course, posts must comply with 3BBR’s content standards. A new website policy is in the works which will eventually allow presenters to log into the site and upload blog posts themselves. (I’ll get to the interim solution in a bit.)

By default, blog posts have a comments section which listeners/readers can use to respond to what you have posted. This can be switched off on a per-post basis if you are not interested in people responding to what you have written.

Show pages

As noted in the welcome message, you can now find all of 3BBR’s shows listed at 3bbrfm.org.au/shows. Clicking on a show’s name will take you to a dedicated page for that show. Examples of fully fleshed out show pages are Lachie&Will, Special Arrangements, and Drive.

These three examples feature a mix of the following:

  • a photo,
  • a description of what the show is about,
  • when the show airs,
  • links to social media accounts, and
  • a list of that show’s latest blog post.

I have set up pages for every show, but most only mention who the host is and when the show is on. If you would like to add any information or photos to your page, get in contact with me. (Details on how to do that can be found at the end of this post.) I am planning to run photo shoots for those presenters who would like their photo taken using a semi-professional setup. All this extra information is optional of course, especially the photo, but more detailed show bios would be really helpful.

A better landing page

The new website is built for the modern web. Listeners visiting the site can find the live stream and program updates more easily, and the user experience for those using mobiles and tablets has been improved significantly. If you want to engage with your audience online, you can now tell listeners to visit 3bbrfm.org.au/[your show] to find your latest updates – handy!

Great, how do I start?

For the moment, the only way to upload blog posts or make changes to the site is to contact me. My email address is will [at] willpjk [dot] com (with the @ and . substituted in – I broke it up to avoid spambots).

You can also ask me any questions you like using that email address, or by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the features the new site has to offer.

– William PJ Kulich // volunteer

PS: In case you were wondering, the image at the top of this post is a partial map of the internet in 2005. Click here to see the image in its original context with an explanation.

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  1. The new website looks fresh and vibrant and very accessible. I’m glad we have the ability to comment about the site, the station and the programs. I really like Adventures in Rhythm on Sundays – it’s such an eclectic mix of really good jazz and related music; however I wish the presenter would stop dithering as much as he does and just play as much music as possible. This is not really a complaint though. But if I did have a complaint is this where I would notify you about it and what would you do about it? How could I be certain that it wouldn’t be just filed away somewhere and forgotten.

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