Radio News: October 2017

The July 2017 edition of Radio News, 3BBR FM’s newsletter, is now available to pick up or download.

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The President’s column is also included below:

A very exciting announcement out of the Australia Day Awards for 2017 was that our own Les Matkovich received the Baw Baw Shire Citizen of the Year Award in recognition of his enormous contribution to the establishment and operation of 3BBRFM since 1993 and his contribution to many other community groups. On behalf of the Board I extend to Les my heartiest congratulations.

3BBRFM is proud to have a dedicated team of presenters and a loyal group of listeners from whom we continue receive to warm and positive feedback during the year.

A number of presenters departed either through illness or change of location and on behalf of the Board I express our gratitude for their contribution. We also had a number of new members join us during the year. These include Tristan Hennessy, Daniel Mansour, Brian Kilner, Jose Meyer, Vince Perri, Richard Rejmer, and Dennis Williams. We warmly welcome the new presenters to our team. We had a busy year in 2017 with a number of important priorities to address and most importantly the task of preparing the submission for renewal of our broadcast licence.

During 2016-2017 some of the key activities and events included:

  • The most significant activity of the year was the preparation of our submission to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for renewal of our Broadcast
    Licence. This is a requirement we have to meet every five years and I’m pleased to report that the submission was sent before the deadline of 1st September 2017 and that we are
    hopeful that it will result in a successful outcome.
  • As part of the preparations for developing our submission for licence renewal, we developed a community/listener survey to obtain information on community preferences and attitudes to 3BBRFM. Through presenters and members, the survey was widely distributed and the collated and analysed results demonstrated that the station is doing pretty well in meeting the needs of its audience.
  • We initiated the re-development of the 3BBRFM Website to improve the use-friendliness of the site and make it more accessible and interactive for listeners and presenters. The
    feedback from listeners has been very positive.
  • We held successful presenters and members nights on the 12th and 14th of March 2017,which generated many useful suggestions regarding our strengths and weaknesses and
    opportunities for improvement and which have been an important element in preparing the submission for our licence renewal
  • Lynn Wells continued working with the Committee for Drouin recording interviews with early pioneers to develop a rich archive of their stories about life in the early days of Drouin. The project as a whole has generated revenue for the station of over $6000.
  • We held the following fund raising activity: Sausage Sizzle at Drouin Woolworths Store 27th May 2017. Our efforts to arrange a film night in June 2017 were thwarted when the film
    showing was cancelled at short notice.
  • We have placed more emphasis on promotion and engagement in the community through Warragul Gazette, support of the Eisteddfod, open days, the Ficifolia Festival and other community activities.
  • We continued with the upgrade of the CD library through culling of little-played recordings and expansion of the collection and improvements to the cataloguing.
  • We received the following grants: a Transmission Support Grant of $2600, and Computer Network Upgrade of $2300
  • After 13 years of continuous operation we renewed equipment and cabling associated with the antenna and carried out various vital maintenance activities
  • We have upgraded the network and replaced most of the computing.

On behalf of the Board, I’d would like to mention specifically some people who have been of great assistance to the station during the 2016-2017 year. These are:

  • Peter MacAvady for his work in maintaining the CD library and computerising the catalogue and his assistance with technical matters and repairs.
  • Gary Johnstone for his assistance to Peter and general maintenance at the station.
  • Sue Northover for her assistance with book-keeping and accounting.
  • Greg Lia for his work in updating the computer software keeping the computers running smoothly and maintaining the running sheets.
  • Will Kulich for his great assistance in upgrading the website.
  • Russ Ford for his assistance to Lynn Wells in the Committee of Drouin pioneers project.
  • Tom McGhee for his valuable work in collating, analysing and reporting on the listener survey results.
  • Gordon Shaw for his technical advice and assistance.
  • Mick Nicholls for assistance in planning the computer systems upgrade.

Board members undertake a significant amount of work to ensure that the station operates effectively for 24 hours a day 365 days per year. The range of tasks is considerable and includes production and programming, the maintenance and up-grade of technical, audio and computer equipment, maintenance and repair of physical facilities, training and support for presenters, promotion and fund raising, recruitment and engagement with sponsors, and membership support and recruitment. During the 2016-2017 year Board members and our dedicated volunteers served the station well in ensuring these tasks were done effectively.

I take this opportunity to thank Board members for their time and effort on behalf of the station during the year. This includes Rob Stewart as Vice President; Les Matkovich as Treasurer, seeking sponsorship, and all manner of other jobs; Lynn Wells as Secretary, coordinator of programming and production, presenter training and much more; David Piggin for promotion and fund-raising; Ingrid Perri for assistance with membership matters and electronic communications; and Stuart Camp for assistance with station maintenance and housekeeping.

As a conclusion to my report I draw members’ attention to the question of membership fees and categories. Membership fees have remained unchanged for quite a number of years now. It is the prerogative of the AGM to approve membership fees. The Board has considered whether it should propose any change to the level of membership fees and whether the categories of membership might need amendment. It has concluded that it does not wish to recommend any change for the next financial year. However it would be interested in hearing members’ views about these matters for future consideration.

– Rod Wellard

This is a reprint of the President’s Report to the AGM 2017. Please note that all references are to the financial year 30/6/2016 to 01/07/2017.