Current Board Members as at July 2019:


President: Rod Wellard, appointed to fill a casual consequential vacancy in March 2019 This position open for election at the 2020 AGM

Vice President: Rob Stewart, serving term to 2017-2019

Secretary: José Meyer, appointed to fill a casual consequential vacancy in November 2018. This position is open for election at the 2019 AGM

Treasurer: Graeme Marriott, serving term 2019-2020


David Piggin – Serving term 2017-2019

Tom McGhee – Serving term 2018-2020

A vacancy exists for one ordinary member position (serving term 2017-2019)



For the 2019 AGM, nominations will be called for the following positions:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Two Board Members

To be eligible for election and co-option, people must have been members for 12 months

Consequential vacancies are filled by co-option at the discretion of the Board


Current Personnel as at July 2019:

Vicky Arrigo (The Vixen) – Presenter

Ron Back – Presenter

Gwen Baker – Presenter, Housekeeping

Tom Beauchamp – Presenter

Russel Blanchard – Presenter

Susan Burton – Presenter

Andrew Clinkaberry – Presenter, Production

Cameron Coster – Presenter

Russ Ford – Presenter, Production

Rob Fraser – Presenter

Kyle Galley – Presenter

Brian Giblin – Presenter

Graeme Godkin – Presenter

Tim Hannan -Presenter

Joan Harrison- Presenter

Sam Horner – Presenter

Russell Hughes – Presenter, Maintenance

Peter Kessels – Presenter

Coralie Knight – Presenter

David Lawton – Presenter

Angela Lia – Presenter, Programming

Greg Lia – Presenter, Technical

Tom McGhee – Presenter,  Minutes, Training, Production

Graeme Marriott – Presenter, Board Member

John Meyer – Presenter

Sam Nicita – Presenter

George Peden – Presenter

Ingrid Perri – Presenter

Vince Perri – Presenter

Richard Rejmer – Presenter

Gavin Sayers – Presenter

Gordon Shaw – Main Tech Advisor, Production

Harvey Scott – Presenter

Josh Suhaven – Presenter

Rod Wellard – Presenter, Board Member

Lynn Wells – Production