Special Arrangements

Special Arrangements is Gippsland’s highest-rating radio serial; a romantic comedy, written and read by Drouin writer Bill Frew. Contains wombats.

A trilogy of three volumes, set in the Gippsland town of Bulnbaw, to which come Sophie and Richard Wellwood, on the run from their empty city existence.

There they encounter our central character, the enigmatic Audrey Balsam, bankrupt bereft and hitting the bottle. Sophie offers her a job and as her confidence returns she reveals a range of talents.

When gung-ho Simonette hits town she falls heavily for Audrey and the action really heats up.

Mysterious panthers prowl the countryside and the Bulnbaw Black Ducks recruit the newly arrived Reverend Noah Faaloa. Will he provide the spark the Ducks need ?

And who hit Audrey on the head?

And why is Sophie unhappy?

Romance, mystery and humour, that’s Special Arrangements.

Or perhaps it’s just slapstick farce. You’ll work it out.

Welcome to Bulnbaw where the women are all strong and adjectives are few.


Tune in:
Special Arrangements airs as part of Sounds of West Gippsland.
Wednesdays at 08:40