A huge thanks to David Piggin and his team of Ted Coad, Russell Ford, Stuart Camp, John Beauchamp, Susan Burton and Ingrid Perri for a very successful sausage sizzle, held outside Woolworths in Drouin on Saturday 27th May. They raised a clear profit of $332.85.

This column was first published in our July newsletter. Click here to read the full newsletter.

A special thanks to Vince Perri, who conducted a survey at the sausage sizzle.
Thanks are due to all who have carried out surveys for our Licence Application, due by 1st September of this year.

A significant contribution has been made by Tom McGhee, who designed a database to display the information, and offered to enter the information from every survey that came in.
As far as the Film Night that wasn’t is concerned, there were people who worked to bring it about – so thanks to David Piggin, Harvey Scott, Les Matkovich, Lynn Wells, Graeme and Glenys Marriott and all others who bought or sold tickets.: Please understand that it didn’t happen because the distributor withdrew the film from circulation at the last moment, inconveniencing the Warragul Cinema as much as it did us.

We can’t say it often enough, but we all owe thanks to those people who take on extra in times of need. Whether that’s doing someone else’s show so that they can go on holiday, celebrate something special, of deal with a health issue – to take on extra duties at the studio to help out during the licence application process, it’s all very gratefully received. It’s also evidence of great teamwork, and the very real care and respect you offer to 3BBR-FM.

Greg Lia is a champion example of someone who gives – and keeps on giving – to the studio. Not only did he step up when an IT specialist was needed, and completed the refit of computers
throughout the studio, but he finalised the grant which had provided the money to pay for the computers. If there’s something wrong with the computers he’s on the spot. And on top of all this, he also stepped up to fill in the daily running sheets when Fallan Delemere left.

Speaking of stepping up when needed – in Rod’s absence, Rob Stewart has done an excellent job as Acting President.

Will Kulich continues to manage our website, and is very willing to arrange a time for you to learn to put up your own material, such as photos, playlists, interview reports – anything really.

Thanks to Peter McAvady, who has been doing an upgrade of the console in the On Air studio.

Amongst those jobs that are rarely noticed is the replacement of towels and tea towels on a regular basis, Thanks to Gwen Baker and Susan Burton for doing that job, and to Bev Pascoe, who has offered to do the job when Susan is not available.

Nice clean carpets always make a good first impression – thank you to Rob Stewart for arranging to have the carpets in the office and library area professionally cleaned.