Monday Morning Brekky

Clinkas' Brekky Show

I prefer my nickname “Clinkas”, but you can call me Andrew if you want! The Monday Morning Brekky show presents music to wake up by. I have an eclectic taste in music, some would say a rambling taste, so you will hear music that you know, accompanied by music that you may have never heard before.

Regular segments on Monday morning include: “The TV Theme Thingy” where I take a look at TV shows from years gone by; three songs released 50 years ago this month; and at about 20 past 8 we sing happy birthday (well I don’t sing!) to everyone that is having one.

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Why Community Radio? I’ve always been fascinated by radio, from when I was very young and listening to the cricket from England on a crystal radio under the blankets, to having an amateur radio license. Community radio is an extension of that, but it’s more. It has contributed a lot to my mental health by letting me be productive in something I seriously enjoy. If I can do it, you can too!