Music in My Life

Wayne Pemberton

Two hours of music I have enjoyed over my life from the 1950s, through the 60s, 70s, 80s & some songs from the 90s and up until now. The music I play covers a huge range from Country, Popular, Rock, Soundtracks and much more from all over the world. Often, I arrange the songs in sets or segments, for example Australian Hits, Great Songwriters, Answer Songs, Covers and more.

I love music & I am passionate about the importance of community radio, so being a volunteer presenter on 3BBR is the perfect role for me. I really enjoy the thrill of live broadcasting. During the worst of the pandemic, like many other presenters, I pre-recorded my show and, even though it was still rewarding, it didn’t provide the same excitement as broadcasting live. So I’m very grateful to be back to live broadcasting again.