‘Ode to Minimalism’ concert in the 3BBR Concert Hall

Duo Kirsanova-Lewis

In the 3BBR-FM Concert Hall on Sunday 26 Nov at 2.00pm we present another concert from the Yarragon Studio season, featuring the Kirsanova-Lewis Duo of Violin and Piano in a captivating and compelling program titled, ‘Ode to Minimalism’.

A musical journey into less familiar territory of 20th and 21st century music, and another concert recorded exclusively for 3BBR FM… proudly supporting local fine music.

Sofija Kirsanova – violin
Georgina Lewis – piano

Ann Southam – Soundstill, for solo piano
Nadia Boulanger – Improvisation
John Adams – Road Movies
Peteris Vasks – Sonata estiva (Summer sonata) for solo violin
Platon Buravicky – Engela skatiens (Angel’s sight)

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