Sponsoring 3BBR FM

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Become a sponsor of 3BBR FM. Get your message out to the local community and help support not-for-profit community radio. We love our sponsors and we would love to hear from you. Contact our super-friendly team at .

What is Sponsorship on Community Radio?

Sponsorship is similar to advertising, where you support the station financially in exchange for airtime.  You’ll find guidelines for Sponsorship announcements on Community Radio at https://www.cbaa.org.au/sponsorship

Why Sponsor 3BBR?

  • We have a loyal and passionate listenership. 
  • Exclusivity – max 5 minutes of sponsorship per hour. 
  • Community Radio provides high frequency promotion at a cost effective price. 
  • Campaigns on 3BBR are designed and produced by our professional team and are tailored to meet your business’ needs. 
  • Your business is actively supporting a not-for-profit community organisation, while gaining awareness in our local area and beyond.

What is in it for me and my business?

  • Primarily local audience
  • A growing community of listeners
  • Awareness raising
  • Sponsorship & Business Subscriptions are tax deductible as a business expense.

What is included?

The professional production of one announcement per package. All packages include your business’ logo and contact details, which are linked from the Current Sponsors page of our website.

Sponsorship Packages

Broad station coverage, average 14 spots a week…

  • 12 months – 700 x 30 sec spots
  • 6 months – 350 x 30 sec spots
  • 3 months – 175 x 30 sec spots

Show sponsorship, average 3 spots a week…

  • 12 months – 156 x 30 sec spots
  • 6 months – 78 x 30 sec spots


  • Short term contracts are available.  A minimum of 10 x 30 sec spots

For the 6 and 12 month packages, we can change the content of the announcement after 2 months.
Sponsors can be part of the announcement or the radio station will prepare them on their behalf.
All broadcast sponsors receive free bonus spots in 3BBR’s overnight programming.

Please contact José (Josie)  for our current rate card via .


Current Sponsorship Agreement form

Download this PDF
3BBR-FM Sponsorship Agreement (November-2021)