What’s Happening at 3BBR?

  • COVID restrictions & 3BBR
    While we have two studios up and running and can comply with all current Government restrictions, our policy is to only allow live broadcasting when lockdowns are not in effect. Even though broadcasting is considered an essential service, this is… » Read More
  • Do we sound better?
    Have you noticed changes to how we sound on air and online? Both the online stream and FM signal are using new audio processing, with the aim of giving you all a more enjoyable musical experience. As always, we welcome… » Read More
  • New Presenters Needed
    We are currently recruiting new presenters and you can apply here. If you’ve always wanted to be on the radio (or help in other ways), now is a great time to apply, but you must be a paid up member… » Read More
  • Announcer training
    On air, off air, lockdown rules…. Despite the ups and downs of the weather, Covid-19 rules and so on, the 3BBR team is about to grow! New presenters are about to commence training and current presenters will be holding their… » Read More


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