Vale JB

JB aka John Beauchamp

It is with much sadness that we learn of the death of presenter, Board member and very active member of 3BBR John Beauchamp, known to all simply as JB.

As well as presenting his programs for many, many years, he was, from the onset of COVID, an instigator of many of the changes that the kept the radio on air, and in many ways improved the overall sound and capabilities of our station. He was presenting his programs and attending Board meetings right up to the end, and in the latter days was still as fiery and vocal as he was when he was well.

He was active in production as well as promotional work and was single minded about raising the profile and performance of 3BBR. He set very high standards, but then rolled up his sleeves and got on with whatever needed doing.

In most of his programs he made sure to insert a good helping of madcap humour, and in our conversations he was always witty and a bit of a devil.

When people pass away we often say they will be missed, but in John’s case it’s true to say “we will not see his like again” and those who worked closest with him will miss his drive, his passion for Community Radio, and our regular Thursday pizza lunches, even if he was the only one who really liked the anchovies.

No words will console his family, so let us simply say our farewell and thanks for the time we spent with John and that we will each hold a special memory of JB in our heart.
— Tom McGhee

You can listen back to John’s last programs…