Brahms and other Cats

Michael Leslie and Niels Bijl

The 3BBR-FM Concert Hall at 2:00pm on Sunday 28th April featured the recent recital by Michael Leslie (piano) and Niels Bijl (saxophones) recorded by 3BBR at Yarragon Studio on April 14, 2024.

For context, the concert prefaced the performance of Ethel Smyth’s Cello Sonata by playing a recording of her amusing reflection on Brahms, in particular protesting his attitude to women, and Michael Leslie introduces his solo performance with the fascinating story of a chaotic concert fundraiser with Beethoven “improvising” his Fantasia.

  • Brahms – Clarinet Sonata in E flat major Op. 120 No.2
  • Beethoven – Fantasia in G minor/B major Op.77
  • Ethel Smyth – Cello Sonata in A minor, Op.5
  • Robert Schumann – Adagio (Romanze) and Allegro

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