Community Service Announcements

Australia Day 2023 - Drouin Civic Park

3BBR aims to serve its community by collating and broadcasting information free of charge, about meetings and events intended to promote good-will, participation and well-being within that community.

Community Service Announcements promote;

    • Events or meetings primarily held for community participation or benefit
    • Events where entry fees primarily cover the cost of holding the event
    • Events to raise funds for not-for-profit groups or organisations whose primary purpose is community benefit
    • Community participation for fitness or well-being

Paid Sponsorship is required when;

    • Events are staged for personal or group gain (including music groups)
    • The venue aims to profit from staging an event
    • Businesses or organisations are pitching directly or indirectly for financial gain through sales

3BBR reserves the right to refuse requests for Community Service Announcements. Please understand that we usually only pre-record announcements for long term use.

If your organisation doesn’t qualify for a Community Service Announcement, please support the station by taking out sponsorship to promote your business or activities.

Use the template form below as an example, to ensure we have have all the information we need, and that your text can be comfortably read aloud in 30 seconds.

    • Email your request to
    • Snail Mail: P.O. Box 350, Drouin, Victoria, 3818
    • Main Email:

Download this document (.pdf file)
3BBR Community Service Announcement Request

Download this document (.docx file)
3BBR Community Service Announcement Request

3BBR CSA Request PDF

Guidelines for Sponsorship announcements on Community Radio can be found on the CBAA website.