Clinkas is wrapping up his programs!

Clinkas' radio shows

Farewell to the four programs made by Andrew Clinkaberry (aka Clinkas).

Since COVID created havoc in our lives in 2020, Andrew has been a massive contributor to setting up and maintaining our systems to help manage pre-recorded programs, being an absolute necessity when it mattered most. It’s been a huge effort on his part, as well as making no less than four programs a week to entertain us for Breakfast  on Mondays, with his Musical Mystery Tour  on Saturday nights, That Was The 70s , and an valuable showcase of new Australian music with Brand New Key .

Many will know that Clinkas moved to South Australia last year, but still continues to maintain vital technical aspects of our operations remotely, work completely hidden to you our listeners. Huge thanks go out to him, as he now winds back his participation in 3BBR for new pursuits.

As you should know, 3BBR is run entirely by volunteers, so whenever we lose such a major contribution to our programming and operations, it has a big impact.

Thanks again Andrew as we sadly farewell all your programs in the first week of October.