Membership matters – July 2017

Welcome to new member, Richard Rejmer, who is now presenting a modern jazz show. Daniel Mansour and Tristan Hennessey are training.

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Farewell to Barbara Harvey and James Hunt, and to Brad Williamson, who with wife Fallan Delemere has shifted away from this area.

Ex-presenter Chris Attrill, who doesn’t live in this part of the world now, has re-joined as a Friend of 3BBR.

Harvey Scott was nominated by the 3BBR Board to run in the Commonwealth Games baton relay. Harvey is one of our founding members, has served on the Board, with a term as President, and has been very active in promotions and fundraising. He also runs a very good Trivia Night! We wish him well in the selection process.

Russell Ford is making great leaps in his training in production, and has been very helpful with the Drouin Memories Project. He has had surgery, and reports that the surgeon is happy, which is always a good sign. He is now home, and hopes to return to his work at 3BBR very soon.

Les Matkovich has new teeth, and new corneas – he is well on his way to being a new man entirely.

Welcome back to David Lawton, after his holiday in Spain. That where Richard Rejmer spent some time recently as well.

Congratulations to The Crossing Drop-In Centre, a volunteer group that has been operating for twenty five years, and had a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate. They’ve been a member for many
years, and two members have served terms as the representatives of community organisations on our Board.

Rod Wellard has finished his treatment, and will make a full return once he’s recovered from the treatment. He is now coming in for his Sunday program. Thanks to those who’ve covered for him in his absence.

The resignation of Daniel Keem, due to the pressures of his new job, and Craig Eyles, for family reasons, has left us temporarily without a sports show. However, Ted Coad has picked up the
responsibility of designing a new show, which will commence on 5th August. There is huge interest in the sporting community in the structure of the new show, and the opportunities it will offer them to take part.

Cedric Christie was never a member of 3BBR, but he made a point of attending as many of our fund raisers and Open Days as he could, and was an avid listener. We extend sympathy to his family and friends on his recent death.