A Greg’s Breakfast

Greg King - A Greg's Breakfast

Starting October 11

Greg passionately believes the greatest era of music was the 15 years between 1978 and 1993. Here’s a mid-week three-hour breakfast program that concentrates on the great hits from this fabulous timeline revered by all age groups. “A Greg’s Breakfast!” features hit, after hit, after hit, all selected by Greg from his personal collection of almost one thousand albums covering this 15-year period.

There’ll also be news and weather every hour on the hour, time calls to keep you on track as you ready for your day, as well as the local “Gig Guide” at 8.30 each program to help you plan your upcoming weekend.

Tune in every Wednesday morning, between six and nine o’clock, for “A Greg’s Breakfast!” – where anything can happen, and usually does!

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