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Our local newspapers provide an important source of information on local activity and issues.  For a surprising number of people, this information is hard to access because they’re visually impaired, or struggle with reading.  Travellers, workers, farmers and retirees also enjoy the convenience of hearing their local news while working.

For an hour every weekday at 11am (repeated at 11pm), one of our Gippsland Regional News read items selected from our 8 Gippsland regional newspapers.  While other media cover federal, state and regional news, community radio 3BBR FM is the only station that broadcasts an hour of local news each weekday, sourced from all our 8 local newspapers.  It’s the only West Gippsland channel for listeners to catch up on local council news, Letters to the Editors, Gippsland-specific rural issues, and the births, deaths and funerals in the district.

We are very proud to provide this essential service to our print-handicapped audience and our wider community, and enjoy scanning our local press to stay up-to-date with local happenings and news.

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Ian HillIan Hill:  Ian is heard frequently reading news, and has no plans to retire.  He enjoys keeping abreast of local issues in compiling and broadcasting local news from home, sourced from the Gippsland press on the web.  This is his 18th year on air serving the print handicapped audience.  In his introductions he’s known to share stories of mishaps and events on his beef farm.  He’s won two regional awards during 20 years working in Landcare, and as a retired electrical engineer, is still advising his community pro bono on community energy projects.

Michael Hennessy:

Tilly LeunigTilly Leunig: I read Tuesday’s Rural News from as many papers as I can scrounge.  Becoming part of the Regional News team has been a wonderful chance to develop new skills (like how to pre record my program during Covid restrictions).  I’ve also learnt so much about the people who produce the food and fibre I tend to take for granted when I go to the supermarket for my weekly shop; the markets, the government programs that support our farmers, the logging industry, scholarships and conferences.  Anyone who enjoys reading, working with others and learning new skills is welcome to come and visit our current readers.  Who knows, becoming part of the team might just be what you’re looking for.

Ric NicolsonRic Nicolson: I read the Latrobe Valley Express every second Friday, and the Warragul Gazette every second Wednesday of the month.  I love the creativity of radio, making news interesting and informative.  I was originally a volunteer with Vision Radio presenting the Entertainment program and can say it is lot of fun being involved in radio, especially community radio.

Alan Woollard: